Official Forms

Please note that all UROP application have to be submitted through the online application form here

  1. UROP Project Proposal Form by External Organisations 
  2. UROP Proposal Form (for proposals by students)
  3. UROP Project Update Form
  4. UROP Withdrawal Form


Please note the other forms for use here are for archival and informational purposes only, there are no guarantees these forms will be up-to-date; current UROP students should refer to the forms on Canvas for the most current versions.

  1. UROP Briefing Slides (AY22/23 Sem II); Video Recording
  2. UROP Briefing Slides (AY22/23 Sem I) ; Video Recording @ Youtube
  3. UROP Briefing Slides (AY21/22 Sem II) ; Video Recording @ Youtube
  4. Interim Progress Report Format
  5. Final UROP Report Format
  6. CA Evaluation Form
  7. Final Evaluation Form

Contact Us

UROP (Computing) is currently administered by Dr Zhao Jin (Assistant Dean) and assisted by Ms Sue-Ann Loke.

Dr Zhao Jin
COM2 #02-10

Ms Ivy Ng
COM1 #02-19