UROP provides a unique opportunity for bright undergraduates to undertake research work under the supervision of experienced researchers. Through this apprenticeship in research, students learn to formulate questions, to evaluate claims and to do in-depth study in a topic in order to solve a problem whose solution is not previously known. It allows undergraduates to participate in active research and to experience first hand the challenges and exhilaration of research, discovery and invention. Students will be working at, or near, the frontiers of computing research and this exposure will enrich their academic experience and complement their coursework. In addition to achieving competence, many students find research so exhilarating that they continue on to doing postgraduate studies and research as a career.

Students will conduct research under the supervision of SoC faculty members. Typically, the research involves these activities: problem formulation, literature survey, attending research seminars, proposal and implementation of solution, evaluation, and documentation and presentation of results. The relative importance of each of these research activities may vary widely depending on the chosen research topic (ranging from basic research to applied research to innovative application development).

UROP can be structured both as a year-long or a one-semester project. The recommended year long version, spread over two semesters, allowing ample opportunities to learn and do research in a substantial project. The abbreviated semester-long version is meant for students to get a flavor for research, before they make a decision to continue to do research in a Final Year Project. Students work closely with faculty members and their research groups in a wide range of computing research areas, often making valuable contributions to the groups' research. UROP is usually done in third year, allowing the students to earn two courses worth of credits. Furthermore, students can choose to do research on the same topic for their Final Year Project, allowing substantial depth in research within their undergraduate education.

Students interested in UROP should follow the links above to access to the intranet for current details and forms.