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  1. Course Information
  2. Eligibility
  3. Workload
  4. Application and Briefing
  5. Report and Evaluation 
  6. Presentation Guidelines
  7. Withdrawal

Course Information


Undergraduate Research
in Computing 


Have at least 60 Units at the point of applying
(includes units enrolled during project selection semester)


With effect from Semester 2 AY19/20, single-semester UROP will be discontinued. Students who are keen to do single-semester research projects are recommended to take CP3106 Independent Project instead. Please click here for more information on CP3106. Students doing UROP will be registered as a year-long course, spread over 2 consecutive semesters. It is expected that the student will complete an initial research study on the project in the vacation and first semester and complete the research project in the following vacation and second semester. 


To be eligible for UROP, a student must:

  1. Be an SoC student;
  2. Have at least 60 Units at the point of applying (includes units enrolled during project selection semester);
  3. Attain a minimum GPA of 3.8.

Workload and Duration

  • A student who applies for UROP is committed to taking an 8 Unit workload.
  • CP3209 must be completed before (and not concurrently with) CP4101 BComp Dissertation (FYP). Therefore, a student should plan to finish the CP3209 before starting CP4101.
  • The duration of UROP is inclusive of the vacation preceding each of the semester(s). Work starts in the vacation preceding the first semester.
  • During the vacation, students are expected to conduct full-time research. During the semester, the students are expected to spend a few hours per week on their project.

Application and Briefing

Application for UROP is open in every regular semester (Semester 1 and Semester 2).

A mass email will be sent out to all students to inform them that application is open, and a briefing to interested students will be conducted usually in Week 7. Eligible students can apply for the UROP via the online application form here

Past briefing materials that summarize the UROP requirements for the specific incoming cohort are available for reference on the Forms section of this UROP website.

Reports and Evaluation

Continual Assessment (for students that started UROP in the current semester):

Towards the end of each semester, a UROP student must submit an interim progress report for evaluation by both the main evaluator and supervisor, which accounts for 30% of the final grade of the project. CA given by supervisor will be 15% and the main evaluator would assess the progress for 15%.

Students are required to make the arrangement to meet up with both the supervisor and the main evaluator so that he/she can report on his/her progress after submitting the interim report, during the reading week. Please refer to the guidelines below for CA presentation. 

The CA Report will be used as a basis for your supervisor and main evaluator to decide whether or not you have made sufficient progress to continue with UROP. If your supervisor and main evaluator agrees that you can continue the project, you will be automatically registered for CP3209 next semester; and you will receive an 'IP' grade for CP3209 this semester. If however, your supervisor and main evaluator decide that you have not made sufficient progress and recommends that you discontinue the project, you would receive an 'IC' grade for CP3209.


Final Report (for students that are presenting in the current semester):

The final evaluation will account for 70% of the final grade of the project, assessed by both supervisor and main evaluator. The weightage for supervisor and main evaluator are 35% and 35% respectively. 


Presentation Guidelines

Time line for UROP Presentation:



CA Presentation

Reading week of first semester

Final Presentation

Reading week of next semester

Please refer to the Project Administration System for the schedule of presentation of your project.

Guidelines for CA Presentation:

  1. As the CA presentation is an informal presentation, it could be held in the staff office (supervisor or main evaluator) or in discussion/meeting rooms. In the latter case, supervisor could help in booking the room.
  2. Based on the report submitted by students, supervisors / main evaluators can have informal discussion about the student’s understanding of the project, progress, what he would be doing in the next semester, and expected outcome at the end of the project.
  3. Students may use their note book to show a few slides.
  4. CA accounts for 30% of the final grade of the project. Supervisor and main evaluator would assess the progress for 15% each. A few pointers on which the supervisors and main evaluators would evaluate and provide feedback are given in the CA evaluation form. 
  5. We would recommend that students give one presentation to both supervisor and main evaluator at the same time.  However, students are allowed to do separate presentations, provided both supervisor and main evaluator are agreeable with the arrangement.

Assessment Criteria for Final Presentation:

Final presentation shall be assessed by a main evaluator (identified at the first semester). During the presentation, students are expected to present their ideas in simple words and be able to articulate the problem and contribution.

Supervisor shall evaluate the final report of the student, but not the presentation.

The final evaluation will account for 70% of the final grade of the project. The weightage for supervisors, and main evaluators is 35% each.

 For detailed assessment criteria, please refer here: 

Please refer to Forms and Downloads for the report format. 

N.B.: Rules for current UROP reports and evaluation will always be in the CP3209 LumiNUS sites. Only a general overview of this process is given here for the benefit of prospective parties.


The deadlines for withdrawal [without penalty, with a withdrawn (W) grade, and with a fail (F) grade] follow those for other courses. In addition, a supervisor can terminate an unsatisfactory project by the deadline for withdrawal with penalty.

Students who wish to discontinue / withdraw from UROP are required to do the followings:

  1. Notify both the supervisors and the Office of Undergraduate Studies as soon as possible but NOT LATER THAN begining of second semester into UROP. 
  2. Submit the UROP Withdrawal Form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies

Students who failed to comply and subsequently decide to withdraw from UROP will be regarded as having failed the course.