TKH Bursary


The TKH Bursary was established in 2023 through a generous endowed gift of SG$150,000 by Mr Tan Kwang Han, an alumnus of NUS School of Computing (SoC), who graduated in 1990.

The gift is specifically designated to be disbursed as bursaries to undergraduate students within NUS SoC.


The objective of the TKH Bursary is to provide financial assistance to financially disadvantaged undergraduate students within NUS SoC. Up to two bursaries will be given out each year, with each bursary carrying a maximum value of SG$4,000. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents – Applicants must be either Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  2. Academic enrollment – Applicants must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students in NUS SoC.
  3. Financial Need – Candidates should be from households with Per-Capita-Income (PCI) below the prevailing NUS benchmark for financial aid. Refer to link for specific details.
  4. Community Contributions – Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated active involvement in community service or school initiatives through volunteerism. This emphasis on prior engagement in volunteerism underscores the bursary’s commitment to supporting students who have actively demonstrated a dedication to helping communities in need.


  1. Bursary Tenure and Usage: The bursary is valid for one academic year and is designated for the recipient’s educational expenses, including tuition fees, course materials, study trips, and fees related to other University-organized educational activities.
  2. Concurrent Awards: Recipients are allowed to concurrently accept other bursaries, scholarships, or awards, and no bond is required.
  3. Full-time Enrolment Requirement: Acceptance of the bursary is contingent upon the recipient remaining a full-time undergraduate student in NUS School of Computing during the bursary period.
  4. Award Discretion: The University reserves the right not to award any bursary if none of the candidates meet the specified award criteria.
  5. Disbursement Conditions: The disbursement of the bursary is subject to the availability of sufficient funds and/or income from the Gift, in adherence to the University’s prevailing spending policies.

Application and Selection Procedure

  1. Submission Procedure: Applicants for the TKH Bursary are required to submit their applications through the Office of Admissions-Financial Aid (OAM-OFA) website at during the designated application period. Submitting applications through OAM-OFA provides applicants the opportunity to be considered for various Bursaries/Awards offered at the University level, enhancing the chances of receiving financial support.
  2. Notification of Shortlisted/Selected Applicants: Only shortlisted or selected applicants will receive notification.

    Applicants are encouraged to adhere to the specified application procedures and timelines outlined by the Office of Admissions-Financial Aid to facilitate a smooth and fair selection process.