NUS Presidential Young Professor of Computer Science Reza Shokri Named VMware Early Career Faculty Award recipient

1 June 2021

1 June 2021 – Assistant Professor Reza Shokri was recently awarded the VMware Early Career Faculty Award, a grant program that recognises the next generation of exceptional faculty members from universities all over the world.

Each year, VMware identifies recently-appointed faculty whose research interests and accomplishments are poised to have significant impact within the industry and academia.

Dr. Shokri’s recent research has contributed to analysing privacy risks of machine learning models and the design of privacy-preserving deep learning algorithms, notably in a decentralised architecture, which are now widely deployed in industry as federated learning.

He is currently working at the intersection of privacy and trustworthy machine learning, with the aim of designing algorithms which are robust, interpretable, fair, and at the same time privacy-preserving.

“This grant will support our ongoing research activities towards building privacy-preserving algorithms that are also trustworthy and can be deployed in large scale AI systems,” said Dr. Shokri.

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