NUS Co-Operative Education Programme in Business Analytics and Information Security

A Work-Study scheme with THREE internships in the same organisation

The Co-Operative Education Programme (Co-Op) at NUS formally integrates academic studies with relevant work experience, where students complete multiple industrial attachment stints alternating with regular academic semesters over their 4-year candidature at NUS. Students can look forward to Receiving an innovative form of university education by interleaving work and study, and to link what they have learnt in the university to real-world issues. Students can expect to work at an attached company for three internships (about 64 weeks or around 16 months).


Benefits of the programme

  1. Have a solid hands-on industry experience even before students graduate,

  2. Apply the knowledge students learnt in classes immediately,

  3. Gain deep knowledge on how a company operates in the domain of study,

  4. Establish an early and enduring relation with an attached company, and

  5. Get a head start for future career.

Best of all, students can still graduate in four years with careful planning!1

How is this programme different from other internship schemes?

Three internships are required during the four years of university education:

  • Year 1 (12 weeks during Special Term)
  • Year 2 (24 weeks during Year 2 Semester 2 into Special Term),
  • Year 3 (28 weeks during Year 3 special term and Year 4 Semester 1).

Total internships period is 64 weeks or 16 months, which is much longer than current other internship schemes (3 to 6 months). In the NUS Co-operative Education Programme, students are attached to the same company for all three internships. This builds a strong bond between the student and the company. It is expected that some students may take up their first job at the attached company after graduation.


Participating Companies for this scheme

Participating companies are renowned major global and local business organisations and government related agencies across various industry sectors such as IT, finance, telecommunication and public sectors. Together with a world-class educational experience in NUS, students in this programme can enjoy a carefully crafted and rewarding work-study experience.


Application Procedure

Starting with academic year 2017-18, this programme will be offered in the NUS School of Computing for students pursuing either the Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) or Bachelor of Computing (Information Security) degree.

Students will be considered for this programme upon the acceptance of the degree programme offer.

Students who sign on to the programme will be provisionally enrolled and will follow the recommend academic syllabus and schedule of the respective programmes. Students will select and apply to companies for internship placement by second semester of Year 1. Employers will interview applicants and make offers to selected students though the Faculty/School. Formal admission is made only when students and companies are matched for the internships. Please refer here for the application form.

For further information on the NUS Co-operative Education Programmes, please refer to:

Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) :

Bachelor of Computing (Information Security): 

Students interested to apply to the Co-Op programme, please write to NUS School of Computing’s Undergraduate Office via:

1 If you are considering additional programmes such as the Student Exchange Programme (SEP), NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme and Double Degree Programme (DDP), you will need to extend your university candidature beyond 4 years at additional costs.