Independent Study Courses


Instead of taking a course, student who are interested to study something independently or work on their own projects in consultation with an Academic Staff for one semester, can choose to take up Independent Study Courses (ISC).

Course Information

Independent Study Courses (ISC) consists of 3 courses:

CP3108A Independent Work: 2 Units CS/CU, requiring at least 70 hours of work. Recommended: 70 -100 hours.

CP3108B Independent Work: 4 Units CS/CU, requiring at least 130 hours of work. Recommended: 130 – 200 hours.

CP3106 Independent Project: 4 Units Graded, requiring at least 10 hours per week or 140 hours in total.

The project report and documentation must be submitted to the supervisor by the first day of reading week in order for the work to be credited for the semester.

Application Process

Eligible students can apply for the courses via the online application forms below:

Students who wish to register under CP3108A/B for their work done under NUS-OSS, Source Academy and the Undergraduate Summer Research Programme, should approach their respective programme coordinator for registration instead.

All applications should be submitted NOT LATER THAN Friday, Week 1 of the next semester.


Q1. Will the school assist to match me with an Academic Staff for my independent work/project?
A: Students are expected to find their own supervisor to guide them in their work/project. The “Research Area” section on the SoC website is a good resource to find staff with the research area that matches the student’s own interest.
Q2: Can I take ISC courses concurrently with SEP/NOC/ATAP?
A: No, students are not allowed to register for ISC courses concurrently with SEP/NOC/ATAP.
Q3. I would like to withdraw from ISC courses, how should I do so?
A: Please write in to Ms Sharifah, together with the email approval from your supervisor, BEFORE F grade takes effect in the respective semester. Students who failed to comply and subsequently decide to withdraw from ISC will be regarded as having failed the course.

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