In new and evolving areas, much could be achieved through synergy among partners with complementary strengths. To that end, we seek to forge closer collaboration with various research institutes and industry. We welcome discussions on new partnership or sponsorship possibilities, and are ready to explore new avenues of working with industry towards the next technological breakthroughs for the benefit of both industry and the wider community.



b1  Graduating PhD Students

b1  Graduate Internship Programme (GIP)


b1  Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP)

b1  Student Internship Programme (SIP) 



Seeking to hire our graduates? Just send us a detailed ready-to-go job advertisement advertisement (containing, company information, job scope, requirements, how to apply etc.) and we can assist to publicise about your job opportunities to our graduating students.


Career Fairs

Each semester, we hold a NUS Computing Career Fair for our students. For more information on our NUS Career Fair, do visit our microsite at


Industry Talks

Our students are keen to learn more about technology and its varied uses and applications in industry. If your company has a topic that our students may be interested to know more about, do let us know and we can arrange for an Industry Talk session with you.



NUS School of Computing has several key areas for research collaborations across two departments.

Computer Science Information Systems and Analytics

b1 Algorithms & Theory

b1 Artificial Intelligence

b1 Computational Biology

b1 Database

b1 Media

b1 Programming Languages & Software Engineering

b1 Security

b1 Systems & Networking

b1 Data Science & Business Analytics

b1 Economics of Information Systems

b1 Social Media & Digital Business

b1 Healthcare Informatics

b1 Information Systems Develoment & Management

b1 Digital Innovation in the Service Economy



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