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12 November 2019
This is a scenario that’s probably familiar to many of us: You touch down at your long-awaited holiday destination, collect your luggage, and step outside the airport, raring to go. Now you need to find your way to the Airbnb, so you whip out your phone and plug the address into Google Maps. Or Apple Maps, or Waze, or MapQuest, or Maps.Me, or HERE WeGo.
14 June 2019
In 1958, a curious sight began appearing on the sidewalks of California. People were taking apart roller skates, attaching them to the underside of wooden planks, sometimes boxes, and whizzing down the streets.
13 November 2018
One of the most famous folklore in marketing and data mining goes like this: many years ago, Walmart noticed that on Fridays, men would head to the store, pick up some diapers for their babies and grab a six-pack at the same time. To take advantage of this, Walmart placed the diaper and beer aisles adjacent to each other, resulting in skyrocketing sales for both items.