NUS Computing student invited to commemoration reception hosted by the President of India

21 September 2018

21 September 2018 – First year Computer Science student, Sakshi Pradyumn, was invited to a reception organised by the President of India, Mr Ram Nath Kovind, held at the President’s official residence in New Delhi, India on 15 August 2018.

The reception recognises and commemorates the achievements of India’s youth who have excelled in their respective fields., including national toppers for the Indian School Certificate (ISC).

National topper award (India Rank 1) for the 2018 ISC examinations

Sakshi is the national topper (India Rank 1) for both the ISC examinations, equivalent to Singapore’s GCE A-Level examinations, and the National Board Examinations (Science stream). He achieved a perfect score of 100 in 4 subjects – Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for the ISC examinations. He said “I am happy to be acknowledged by the President of India. The invitation, by itself is a great achievement for me. Through this reception, I was able to meet with many influential leaders and I am very grateful to the President for inviting me.” The VIPs included the Vice President of India and many other Cabinet Ministers.

Sakshi recalled that one of the challenges he encountered during his studies was related to the heavy content that needs to be covered for the ISC examinations. However, he managed to overcome it through perseverance and adopting a positive mental attitude. “In the long run, too much stress is bad and can hamper our productivity. Thus, I often take breaks to spend time with my family and pet to revitalise myself, so I can be more productive,” said Sakshi.

When asked about how he felt being the national topper, Sakshi said, “The results were a pleasant surprise. I had expected a good grade, but bagging the national top position was unexpected. I would like to give my appreciation to my parents and teachers for their constant support. My parents assisted me in managing my schedule, so I could better manage my workload. And my teachers were the guiding hand that kept me motivated when things get tough. They act as my confidence booster and this helps me to stay motivated.”

Following his studies at NUS Computing, Sakshi plans to be a software engineer.

News Mention:
The Indian Express, 19 September 2018

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