Four NUS Computing PhD students receive the Google PhD Fellowship

27 December 2023
Four NUS Computing PhD students receive the Google PhD Fellowship

Congratulations to four NUS Computing PhD students who were awarded the Google PhD Fellowship in 2023. Started in 2009, the Google PhD Fellowship programme was set up to recognise outstanding graduates with exceptional work in Computer Science related disciplines or promising research areas.

As a recipient from an institution in Southeast Asia, each student will receive a stipend of up to US$10K per year for a Fellowship of up to three years and work under the guidance of a Google Research mentor.

This marks the third year that the fellowship is available to graduate students from Southeast Asia. This clearly acknowledges the rising influence of Southeast Asian research in shaping the future of technology.

Google PhD Fellowship 2023 recipients

Machine learning

PhD Student Xue Fuzhao

Xue Fuzhao
PhD research area:
Transformer Scaling, Adaptive and Conditional Computation, Machine Learning System
PhD supervisor:
NUS Presidential Young Professor Yang You

Zhang Yifan

Zhang Yifan
PhD research area: Generalizable machine learning against shifting data distributions, and its applications to foundation model reuse
PhD supervisor: Assistant Professor Bryan Hooi

Machine perception, speech technology, and computer vision

Chen Yu

Chen Yu
PhD research area: Neural 3D reconstruction
PhD supervisor: Associate Professor Lee Gim Hee

Privacy and security

Ye Jiayuan

Ye Jiayuan
PhD research area: Data Protection and Privacy in Machine Learning
PhD supervisor: NUS Presidential Young Professor Reza Shokri

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