29 July 2022 CSNEWS Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Student

29 July 2022 — Twenty-one students and alumni were awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize and Outstanding Computing Prize in end June this year.

Final-year Computer Science students Ai Bo, Sherman Lim Jun Hong, and Sun Yucheng, as well as recent Computer Science graduate Ye Chenchen and Computer Engineering graduate Yang Zi Yun, each won the NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) for the 2021/2022 Academic Year.

The OURP is an annual, university-wide research competition that recognises the best undergraduate researchers in NUS. Projects are evaluated based on criteria such as the originality and significance of the project, and evidence of critical and independent thinking.
Award recipients each walk away with a cash prize of S$1,000.

In addition, a group of 10 students also jointly won the OURP under the group category for their project on the Source Academy, an immersive experiential environment for learning programming, which was developed at NUS Computing.

Apart from the OURP, six other NUS Computing students clinched the Outstanding Computing Prize (OCP). Recent Computer Science graduates - Ng Siang Hwee, Tan Likai, Wang Yuchen - and Information Systems graduate Ng Jing Wen, as well as final-year Computer Science students Zhou Zijian and Zhu Xiaochen, were recipients of the OCP.

The OCP is a faculty-level prize awarded by NUS Computing to recognise undergraduates who have produced excellent Final Year Projects (FYPs), or projects under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP).

FYPs are year-long projects that are usually undertaken at the final year of an undergraduate programme. Award recipients for the OCP each received a S$500 cash prize.

NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) Winners

Individual category

NUS Computing student Ai Bo and Professor David Hsu

Ai Bo
Computer Science, Year 4
Research project title: Deep Learning for Robot Navigation with a Floor Map
Research supervisor: Provost’s Chair Professor David Hsu


Sherman Lim and Assoc Prof Ben Leong

Sherman Lim Jun Hong
Computer Science, Year 4
Research project title: Studying Congestion Control Speciation of QUIC
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Ben Leong


Sun Yucheng Lim and Assoc Prof Yu Haifeng

Sun Yucheng
Computer Science, Year 4
Research project title: Improved Algorithms in Dynamic Networks
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Yu Haifeng


Computer Engineering graduate Yang Zi Yun and Associate Professor Kan Min-Yen.

Yang Zi Yun
Computer Engineering, Class of 2022
Research project title: Bridging Emoji Mashup and Lexical Composition (ELCo)
Research supervisor(s): Associate Professor Kan Min-Yen and NUS Computing PhD student Yisong Miao


Computer Science graduate Ye Chenchen and KITHCT Professor Chua Tat Seng.

Ye Chenchen
Computer Science, Class of 2022
Research project title: Structured and Natural Responses Co-generation for Conversational Search
Research supervisor: KITHCT Professor Chua Tat Seng

 Group category

The Source Academy team and Assoc Prof Martin Henz in Makers Lab at COM1.

Source Academy Team
Research Project title: Source Academy 2022 Leadership
Research supervisor(s): Associate Professor Martin Henz, Dr Low Kok Lim, and Dr Boyd Anderson

The Source Academy is a web-based open-source integrated development environment (IDE) used for teaching computer programming in the programming languages JavaScript and Source, developed for the textbook, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, JavaScript Edition (SICP JS).

The team contributed various new features to the Source Academy, specifically: mobile support, integration of the SICP JS textbook, new features for the built-in visual novel game component such as animations and improved story branching support, support for full JavaScript, and support for modules (externally-loadable plugins) to show a graphical interface.

The OURP was awarded to the entire group for their efforts. This is also the first time a student group has won the OURP.

  • Tee Hao Wei (Computer Science, Class of 2022)
  • Chow En Rong (Computer Science, Year 2)
  • Chen Yanyu (Computer Science, Year 2)
  • Fang Junwei, Samuel (Computer Science, Year 3)
  • Gokul Rajiv (Computer Science, Year 2)
  • Lee Hyung Woon (Computer Science, Year 2)
  • Shen Yi Hong (Computer Science, Year 1)
  • Tan Chee Kun, Thomas (Computer Science, Class of 2022)
  • Loh Xian Ze (Computer Science, Year 2)
  • Marcus Tang Xin Kye (Computer Science, Year 2)


Outstanding Computing Prize (OCP)

Information Systems graduate Ng Jing Wen (left), Assoc Prof Tan Chuan Hoo (middle), and Asst Prof Lim Shi Ying (right).

Ng Jing Wen
Information Systems, Class of 2022
Research project title:
Exploration or Exploitation Choices on Healthcare Technological Innovation: A Case Study of Telemedicine in Two Public Healthcare Clusters
Research supervisor(s):
Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo and Assistant Professor Lim Shi Ying


Computer Science graduate Ng Siang Hwee and Professor Dong Jin Song.

Ng Siang Hwee
Computer Science, Class of 2022
Research project title: Towards AI-Based Automated Debugging
Research supervisor(s): Professor Dong Jin Song and Dr Lin Yun


Computer Science graduate Tan Likai and Associate Professor Divesh Aggarwal.

Tan Likai
Computer Science & Mathematics, Class of 2022
Research project title: On the computational complexity of solving systems of polynomial equations
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Divesh Aggarwal


Computer Science graduate Wang Yuchen and Associate Professor Wang Ye

Wang Yuchen
Computer Science, Class of 2022
Research project title: Content-based User Preference Modeling in Music Generation
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Wang Ye


Final-year Computer Science student Zhou Zijian and Associate Professor Bryan Low Kian Hsiang.

Zhou Zijian
Computer Science with a second major in Mathematics, Year 4
Research project title: Active Valuation: Data Valuation with Fairness Guarantee in Practice
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Bryan Low Kian Hsiang


Final-year Computer Science student Zhu Xiaochen and Associate Professor Xiao Xiaokui.

Zhu Xiaochen
Computer Science & Mathematics, Year 4
Research project title: Feature Inference Attacks in Split Learning with an Honest-but-Curious Server
Research supervisor: Associate Professor Xiao Xiaokui